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As our name suggests, stencils are an integral part of our history and our present. Montreal Stencil manufactures and distributes stencils in oil board, mylar, brass and aluminum. Oil board is an oil treated cardboard paper that can be reused up to 100 applications. Mylar is a thin durable plastic that can be rolled up and stored easily and can better take the curve of a round surface. Aluminum is the longest lasting stencil material we use.

We specialize in producing small character stencils and extremely large stencils up to 8’ x 4’. We have the expertise required to take your logo and transform it into a durable stencil and can also design and produce special stencils that allow you to insert and replace different characters.

We carry a large selection of stock stencil sets in oil board as well as Reese’s style interlocking brass stencil sets.


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