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This technique of printing uses sheets of photo-sensitive anodised aluminum that guarantee exceptional protection against ultraviolet rays, salt, erosion, high temperatures and chemical products. The impression is captured subsurface and is protected from the harshest of environments whether it is used indoors or outdoors. The process presents an exceptional outdoor durability and the image is guaranteed not to fade for the life of the label. Thicknesses range from .003” to .125”. We often use Metalphoto to produce control panels and dials for different machinery and equipment or to reproduce decorative photographic images for use as corporate awards. We can reproduce variable text in Metalphoto including sequential numbers, barcodes and QR or 2D data matrix codes.

Metalphoto plates are of a natural satin aluminum colouring or a gold satin colouring with a black image. Different tints are available as well as different finishes: gloss, matte or brushed upon special request. It is an excellent choice for prototype work, short, medium or large production runs when nothing but the best will do.

We can supply your Metalphoto plates and panels with a self-adhesive transfer tape such as 3M 467 and 3M 468 which use the 200MP adhesive, 3M 9472LE which uses 3M 300LSE adhesive or solvent activated adhesives. Montreal Stencil can also fabricate your Metalphoto plaques with rounded corners and holes of various diameters so the plates can be used as control panels.

The black image on natural background is guaranteed for life to not fade in exterior or interior applications. Metalphoto nameplates and panels function perfectly for years, maintaining their original good looks under a broad variety of challenging environments, including high temperatures, long outdoor exposure, abrasion, salt spray and most chemicals. Metalphoto gets its durability from the fact that its unique process imbeds the image within a sapphire-hard anodized layer.

Metalphoto meets many military specifications including: GG-P-455b, MIL-P-15024D, MIL-P19834B, MIL-P-514D as well as Underwriter’s Laboratories file #MH17767 and Canadian Standards Association (CSA) file #11133-1, Class #7921


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