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Montreal Stencil was founded in 1875 as a producer of stencils and stencil supplies. We are one of Canada’s largest manufacturers of stencils. Our products were originally cut by hand. As technologies advanced in the mid-1900s, we produced our stencils with a pantographic engraving machine. For many years now we have been using computerized engraving and routing machines to produce our stencils. Most recently we have added laser engraving machines to our fleet of equipment that produce stencils.

We can produce both text and logo stencils. Our technicians are experienced in transforming logos into patterns that can be cut into a stencil. We possess the level of knowledge required to take a complex logo and transform it into a stencil where the maximum details are maintained.

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There are three types of material we will use for stencils: oil board paper, Mylar (polyester) and aluminum. Each has its advantage over the other. Our staff can determine the best choice for your application based on the character size, surface to be stenciled and number of impressions to be made.

Montreal Stencil supplies the consumables for stenciling. We have both inks and applicators that you will need in order to complete your stenciling project.