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An engraved seal is used to emboss paper leaving a permanent raised mark on important documents. Using our modern methods of engraving Montreal Stencil manufactures corporate seal presses, notarial and lawyer seals and university seal presses for diplomas. We can even engrave your logo for use on promotional documents. We have various different styles of seal press including heavy duty cast iron and electronic seal presses. To produce a quality embossing on paper there are several important factors. It is important to indicate what type of paper you will be embossing as our experts will control the depth of our engraving to best perform on your thickness of paper. If you require your logo to be part of the embossing, we will need to see it so we may consult you on how we plan to transform your logo into an attractive embossing. It is also important to indicate what position on the document you require your embossed mark.


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