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A self-inking stamp has an ink cartridge inside that continually supplies ink to the rubber. When you press down on the handle the rubber rotates, turning away from the ink cartridge. It touches the paper and transfers the ink from the rubber.

Sel-Inking stamps give excellent impressions with up to 10000 repetitions. They are ideal for when an impression is going to be made repeatedly or where the usage over the course of a day is extremely high.

We can produce self-inking stamps with type as small as 5 points (1/16” or 1.56mm) and with print images as large as 1.3/8” x 3” (34 x 76mm) or 2” x 2.3/4” (49 x 68mm).

Typically self-inkers take 3 days of production time before they are ready to ship. We do offer quicker delivery services. Please ask our personnel about rush service options.

To re-ink a self-inking stamp you replace the ink cartridge inside the handle with a new one. To remove the cartridge simply press down slightly on the handle and push the cartridge through with a pointed instrument. A pen or pencil will do. The cartridge will come out the other side of the body like a drawer. It is a great idea to purchase an extra ink cartridge when placing your order. That way you will never be short ink when you need it most!



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