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Numbering machines are an effective method to print a code on forms, packaging boxes, crates, PC boards, plastic parts and metal parts. We offer several different brands: Pullman, Trodat, 2000 Plus, Comet in both gothic and roman character styles. The character size can be as small as 1/32” (1.5mm) and as big as 1.1/4” (31mm). The bands are made of high quality rubber and can be turned to a selected number to create the code that must be stamped. Most sizes are available with as few as two bands and as many as 22 bands. The number bands can be replaced with alphabet bands (A through M or N through Z) allowing you to construct alphanumeric codes for stamping. Many sizes of numbering stamps are also available as self-inking stamps. When stamping on regular non-coated paper stock or cardboard traditional rubber stamp ink is ideal however if the surface is non-porous our personnel can help recommend the best choice of industrial ink for your usage.


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