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The traditional rubber stamp has not changed much in appearance over our long history. What have changed are the methods with which they are produced. Each stamp used to be set using individual letters and numbers made of steel arranged by hand to produce a mold in which the rubber was cured. Later the process of typesetting was automated using Ludlow hot lead type systems. Today, these systems have been replaced by computerized typesetting using chemistry and film to produce a negative.

The rubber stamp still performs the same task it always has. Solid wood handle and base, quality rubber dies and clear indexes on the handle, the traditional rubber stamp is the most economical and durable of all the rubber-stamping products.

We can produce rubber stamps with type as small as 5 points (1/16” or 1.56mm) and with print images as large as 5”x7” (127 x 177mm) and in certain cases even larger. When producing very large stamps it is best to consult with our experts so we can help design your stamp so that it will print properly.

Rubber stamps take 3 days of production time before they are ready to ship. We do offer quicker delivery services. Please ask our personnel about rush service options.