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A dater is a stamp with a series of bands on wheels that display the day month and year. The user adjusts the wheels of the dates to show the current date. Typically daters will have a plate around the date bands that allows you to add customised text to the stamp. Daters are available in many different sizes and can come un-inked which requires the use of a stamp pad or self-inked. A typical application is the standard cashier or teller stamp that you see used at the bank wicket to stamp deposit on the back of cheques or other paperwork. Your business should use the same type of stamp to record the depositor’s information and account routing information on the back of every cheque that is deposited. Daters can also be used to indicate timely information on paperwork in accounting, shipping and sales departments. The stamped impression with the date shows proof of when an invoice is ENTERED into the accounting system, when a sales order is ORDERED and placed into the order entry system or when a package is RECEIVED/SHIPPED in the shipping department.