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Montreal Stencil supplies commissioner of oaths stamps that meet the standard of the Minister of Justice for Quebec. We offer three different styles of Commissioner for Oaths stamp: traditional rubber stamp; pre-inked Presto stamp and self-inked pocket stamp. The stamp impression is the same for all three styles. The printed image is a 1.1/4” diameter seal with the commissioner name and number in the center and the district inside the round border. The traditional rubber stamp and pre-inked Presto stamp are ideal for use in the office. The pocket model with its diminutive size fits easily into a pocket, handbag or briefcase when travelling.

The Minister of Justice of the province of Quebec’s website states that:

An oath is an important act and is subject to strict rules. Thus, it must at all times be made in the presence of the affiant (e.g.: an oath over the phone is not valid). Besides, a court could decide that an oath is invalid if the Commissioner has committed irregularities in the performance of its duties (e.g.: the Commissioner acted while his or her commission had expired). During the administration of an oath, the Commissioner for Oaths addresses to the affiant as follows:

“You solemnly affirm that everything stated in the present document is the truth. Repeat: I affirm it solemnly.”

Once he or she swore, the affiant must sign the declaration in presence of the Commissioner for Oaths. If the signature appears already in his or her declaration, he or she must sign again.

The Commissioner for Oaths then completes the following wording:

“Affirmed solemnly in front of me

at __________________ (locality)

this_______________________ (date)”

The Commissioner for Oaths indicates the location and the date of the taking of the oath and adds his or her signature. He or she then writes, by hand or with a stamp, his or her name, the words “Commissioner for Oaths for Québec” (or, as the case may be, “Commissioner for Oaths for Québec and for outside of Québec”) and his or her commissioner number. Note that a Commissioner for Oaths is not a Justice of Peace and can’t use this title. Commissioners also can’t use the initials “C.A.”, they are reserved exclusively for Chartered Accountants. Furthermore, only members of the Chamber of Notaries may use the title “Notary” or “Notary Public”.