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A dimensionally stable material with strong adhesive that provides excellent weather-ability and heat resistance. Polyester labels are used for nameplate and serial number tags and are acceptable for use on a wide variety of surface materials. We use branded products from 3M, Flexcon and Gerber. Our polyesters are a .002” to .010” material with a permanent acrylic adhesive for excellent adhesion. Stock colours are white, silver and brushed silver. We also offer security labels that are tamper-evident. Once the label is lifted from the surface it will leave traces of the word void indicating that someone has tampered with the secured product. Polyester labels have a temperature service range of -40°F to 302°F (-40°C to 149°C). They can be over-laminated to give an additional level of protection to the printed image. They are easily formed by die-cutting into different shapes and can be supplied several up on sheets or individually cut.