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An automatic numbering machine quickly prints consecutive numbers on your documents. The wheels are made of aluminum or steel and print using oil based ink. The metal wheels are heavy enough to print through several NCR copies of paper. Our standard unit The Reiner B600 features a 6 digit number that runs automatically up to 5 digits. You can print from 000001 up to 099999 consecutively or you may set the machine to print in repetition of the numbers, e.g. duplicate, triplicate etc… before sequentially changing to the next number. Non-standard models can be ordered with up to 16 digits. Custom orders with your own choice combinations of letters, numbers and special characters can be ordered. There are also text plates available which can be engraved to your requirements that print a static message along with the changing numbers. Montreal Stencil distributes the Reiner brand of numbering machines and we can repair many different makes as well; Bates, ENM, Tannco are a few of the brands we distribute and repair.