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A directory board (lobby board) is a key element that people look for when they enter a building. It gives directional information so that visitors may find the business or department that they are seeking in the building. The most effective directory boards will have a clean simple look and will be designed so that the building property manager has easy access to remove and replace individual tenant names as needed. Wayfinding signs are used at junctions and entrances to help direct the traffic of people through the building making it easier to arrive at their destination. These can be simple signs with directional arrows placed at strategic points on each floor or more complex designs. Wayfinding signs should be placed on each floor at the exit of the elevators and again at every hallway junction or turn. There are many different styles and materials used in the manufacturing of directory boards. We use a number of different branded systems (Slatz, Nexus) and we can custom fabricate from stock materials as well to meet your specific needs. At Montreal Stencil we keep a record of the material and graphic style used in your signage so that you can easily order new inserts with new tenant information or other wayfinding signs even years after the initial order and installation.